5 Best places to Skydive in India


#1Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

Dhana had the principal skydiving camp in India, its offering the alternatives for static line hop and pair bounce. The stunning interesting town settled east of Bhopal is an entrancing skydiving goal in India inferable from its beautiful excellence and foundation for arranging skydiving camps. Appreciate a freefall from 4000 feet above, looking the amazing finished excellence underneath. The experience of Skydiving at Dhana is out-of-the-world and should be recorded as one among the 5 best places for skydiving in India.

 Cost of Skydiving at Dhana: Static Hops – INR 12,000 to 20,000 or more assessment; Pair Hop – INR 40,000 or more expense; Costs are comprehensive of preparing, hopping, photography, videography, dinners, testament of hop, and convenience.

 Instructions to Reach Dhana: Skydiving camps in Dhana are composed in Dhana Runway in Sagar. The closest airplane terminals are Bhopal (200 km) and Jabalpur (180 km). Private transportation is accessible from the airplane terminals to Sagar. It is likewise well-open by means of railroad, associating with Mumbai and Delhi. One can likewise achieve Bina, which is around 80 km from Sagar.

aamby valley

#2 Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

 Skydiving in Aamby Valley is something you basically can’t miss, in the event that you are a genuine enterprise crack. Hopping over the wonderful Aamby Valley is perceived as an epic fall. The 45 minutes enterprise merits acknowledging, as you jump into the sky and fall uninhibitedly looking at the shocking scene underneath. As of now, just 10,000 feet pair hops are given here. In this way, skydive and celebrate as you appreciate the most exciting knowledge of your lifetime.We are certain that you would love us for posting Aamby valley as one among the 5 best places for skydiving in India.

 Cost of Skydiving at Aamby Valley: Weekday Couple Bounced (Mon – Thurs) – INR 25, 000; End of the week Pair Hops (Fri – Sun) – INR 30,000. Costs are comprehensive of expense, video and photograph Cd.

 Step by step instructions to Reach Aamby Valley: The closest railroad station and air terminal is in Mumbai, which is around 123 km driving separation from Aamby Valley. It takes around 1 hour 52 minutes to achieve the valley by means of street. Auto and cabs are accessible on contract.


 #3Deesa, Gujarat

 The wonderful lakeside city is one of the best goals for skydiving in India. Enjoy into the excite of taking off in the blue sky with the winds at Deesa this time. Regardless of whether you are a tenderfoot or a bad-to-the-bone enterprise crack, the interesting town offers the best skydiving background ever. Gujarat is the primary condition of India to have ensured drop-zone in Deesa thus Deesa should be recorded as one among the 5 best places for skydiving in India.. The Games Specialist of Gujarat and Indian Parachuting Alliance has a few skydiving camps here.

 Cost of Skydiving at Deesa: Static Line Bounced – INR 16,500; Pair Hops – INR 33,500; AFF – INR 37,500

 The most effective method to Reach Deesa: The closest airplane terminal is Ahmedabad (141 km), associated by means of transports and taxicabs. There are likewise consistent prepares and transports to Deesa from significant urban areas the nation over.


 #4 Pondicherry

 A standout amongst the most delightful towns, skydiving in Pondicherry has turned out to be prominent as far back as 2012. For enterprise darlings going to the town, skydiving camps are sorted out oftentimes, offering static line and couple bounced for the most invigorating background. Fall free from the sky and kiss the earth underneath, getting a charge out of the astounding scene excellence of Pondicherry, which has a solid French pioneer impact. Pondiceherry is without a doubt one among the 5 best places for skydiving in India.

 Cost of Skydiving at Pondicherry: Static Hops – INR 18,000 (1 hop) to 62,000 (5 bounced); Couple Hop – INR 27,000.

 Step by step instructions to Reach Pondicherry: The Pondicherry Airplane terminal has visit flights rolling in from Hyderabad and Bangalore. The closest railroad station is Villupuram, around 35 km from the town. The town is additionally very much associated by means of roadways.


 #5 Mysore, Karnataka

Topping the rundown of best-skydiving goals in India, Mysore is quick increasing high prevalence. Situated at a separation of couple of hours from Bengaluru in Karnataka, the city has facilitated many skydiving camps and there are two or three them arranged for the current year too. Settled at the base of the

Chamundi Slopes, Mysore is one of the best places to have a definitive skydiving knowledge in India. The skydiving camps give the alternative of couple hops, static bounced and quickened free falls before expert preparing for 2 – 3 days. Fly like a feathered creature in the midst of the winds and appreciate the stunning perspective of the scene underneath and you would concur that Mysore is really one of the best places for skydiving in India.

 The cost of Skydiving at Mysore: Weekday Couple – INR 35,000; End of the week Pair – INR 42,000.

 The most effective method to Achieve Mysore: Bangalore is the closest air terminal (139 km.) from where state transports and cabs are accessible to achieve Mysore. The city is very much associated with Bangalore by means of a few super quick prepares that make the voyage advantageous. Mysore is likewise associated with significant urban areas through roadways. There are visit state transports handling amongst Mysore and Bangalore, which takes around 3 hours.

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